In case you are not sure how a certain reference should look like unpolished, take a close look at the matte part of the watch with a suitable magnifier. 6240 Daytona and later ref. Bracelet There are a number of important things when buying a pre-owned Rolex watch. Specially the left corner lug seems to have some honest scratches on the chamfer of the bevel. All rights reserved. We have to realize that perfect grail watches are super rare and not everybody will be able to acquire one in crisp “catalogue style” as the price will only go up rapidly because we know now not many more will come to the market. Off course if it’s for the bezel insert only, you still can find period correct ones offered in the market to swap it back to original. With a Rolex this could be the original Rolex warranty papers that state the reference number and in some cases the serial number, the COSC chronometer certificate that state the serial number and movement number, the original receipt stating the price and article description, later service papers confirming the serial and reference numbers. The current market (as we see at the recent Geneva watch auctions yet again)  has become all about rarity in the reference and condition but generally the word “original” is being abused by most offers you find. The more provenance you have, the better it is! First produced in the 1950s, they are proven to increase the most in value. (Image on Forbes: Ethan Pines). Below we see a 1963 Explorer Ref 1016 with so called “Underline”, sold in The Netherlands in 1965. The Vintage Rolex Buyer’s Guide by Philipp Stahl. The same we see between the lugs, where bracelets with their end links always leave visible marks. Like any piece of classic art, the only way collectors can obtain one is to acquire a pre-owned model. Now you know which model you have and from what year it is, this is already important information to determine the approximate value your Rolex. At the end of this report I will summarize a list of the Rolex serial numbers and their dates of production for you. Rolex during service or an independent watchmaker? © 2010 - 2020 Rolex Passion Report - Privacy Policy. FAKE! Because once polished, these lug holes will lose the original sharp edges. 6x = Blue If you want to Buy Rolex … First again try to analyze it yourself before you scroll down to my remarks…. I wish you lots of fun with your passion of collecting Rolex, or any other watch . The from 1964 introduced tritium stamp at 6 o’clock: “SWISS – T<25” print…. Magnify small screws for tarnish and if they have been used. If you have any questions about your vintage Rolex, feel free to use the CONTACT button on top of this page or follow this link to send me your questions. One complicating factor in assessing the polishing of a case, is that the satin factory polish has become more coarse over the years, if you compare models of the 1950s/1960s/1970s. Bob's Watches is an independent watch dealer and is not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex, or any other brand listed. If so, why didn’t it sell the first time? Introduced in 1978 and discontinued in 2008, the Rolex Sea-Dweller is a rare and collectible model, making it By doing so, you change history and to me one should always save the old original part where the watch was found with and mention the upgrade when it’s been sold. So what does “all original” mean in the watchword? If it’s not obvious the parts are not matching, look closely between the lugs, you will notice that this matt area is much more „worn” then the like new lugs are. So buy in our own country, support local, here are the best places in Singapore to buy a Rolex, new or pre-owned. Buying a Vintage Rolex is Not Without Challenges Vintage goods are great to have, but vintage Rolexes can be very tricky–because there are so many fakes out there. Even when the crooks add patina on below dial, you see it’s newly made… FAKE! Therefor I call the luminous material on hands and dial ( which is generally fluffy and added perfectly round on the dial) the highly important „moisture meter” cq “condition meter“, showing us what has happened inside the watch during its life. Why is this happening, you ask? When searching the auction results you will see these sell now for € 10-15K euro, this particular model I would rate more towards 15K due to it’s fine condition. That would certainly indicate a healthy client-base of … If you buy a vintage Rolex because you really like it, you will never loose money on it as the time you’re enjoying it, is the best investment you could have made! This should immediately ring your alarm bells telling you something unoriginal has happened, somebody has restored it incorrectly…. After I’ve spend like 25 years looking at a watch face, case and movement, studying what has happened to it (swapped original parts? See yourself with below luminous dots on the dial, they look non matching, are more yellow greenish, there where the tone of the hands are cream…, –> Check: “The Evolution of Rolex Luminous”. Newly unoriginal lasered Military Submariner engravings…, During the years many cases, specially gold ones, got hallmarks or import  – export stamps. The text is almost 100% copied due to the use of modern techniques a dial design is blown up 100x the normal size and then corrections are made into detail…, Many watch makers in the past almost automatically removed the top layer of the lume making them look like craters. Then in 1986 they reached almost ten million (9.999.999 examples) and started using a character to define the year of production. 3 x perfectly aged and all intact Oyster Paul Newmans…. At the end of this article you find an overview of the checklist! and we all have to be very careful in what we buy for our collection. Paul is a graduate of Boston College 1979 and resides in California with his family. My believe is that the dials have been stored for a long time at a dry place and that this has cracked the surface…, Yet another example of cracked surface. I will add more detailed information as collecting vintage Rolex is a never ending story. A true tropical dial has perfectly matching original luminous, an untouched top layer of the dial and chanced color because it used to be worn in a very sunny area and then got stored for many years in a dark place ( safe ). If you buy a vintage Rolex because you really like it, you will never loose money on it as the time you’re enjoying it, is the best investment you could have made! The text is almost 100% copied due to the use of modern techniques a dial design is blown up 100x the normal size and then corrections are made into detail…. and here another late 4 line Chapter Ring ref 5512 with transitional “Underline”, probably one of the very last minute tracks.. Other watch manufactures used similar signing for the tritium mark, these below Tornek- Rayville US had also a “moisture meter” on the dial, chancing the upper half of the circle into the same color as under half once moisture entered into the watch case. I’m a big fan of vintage items for many reasons; one of them is that just by nature, they’re often unique items, because they’re no longer produced. As the lume is the moisture meter we’ve learned, in this case the moisture has entered the inside and got sucked up by the luminous making it turn brownish black in due time. x9 =Sunbeam (Roman), In case you are not sure how a certain reference should look like unpolished, take a close look at the matte part of the watch with a suitable magnifier. The matte black dial seems to be undamaged, look carefully at the edge, where you often see chips from removing the movement from the case for a service. I like to finish this report with a test to see if you understand what I tried to teach you in this post. Next, you have to know how a NOS Rolex case looks like, what exact curve is the bevel making and how wide is it as with every reference it’s different then you can compare it. Rolex Submariner History & Background The first Submariner ref. Look closely and try to answer yourself before you scroll down.. As always, first focus on the luminous on the dial and that on the hands. I personally think it’s not ok and I heard they stopped doing this. But be prepared, this is a x2 = Sunbeam (Roman) It’s very easy to get caught up in a bidding war in all the excitement and go well over your budget. Has the watch been relisted? To bring it back in catalogue style has become an art by itself. If the answers to any of these questions give you pause, run and don’t look back. Buying a vintage Rolex from a reputable online dealer is often seen as the best of all worlds. 0 = Smooth/Domed Are these the original hands and has the dial been swapped perhaps? With other words, to get the movement out of the case one needs to unscrew the crown and the movement plates at the edge that are holding the movement tight in the case. high quality fake vintage Rolex dials are been offered into our market, read my RPR article, several times in last decade, the fakers are getting better, “Moisture Meter” or more specific, a “Condition Meter”, a “White Swiss” added on top of the track. (follow the link to more vintage Rolex study). Matt dial, white print, note also that the printed DATE behind oyster perpetual is much bigger in text. clients that radiation has been adjusted to a lower degree.. Below you see a comparison of first generation Rolex Big Crown Submariner (1956 – 1957) on the first 2 pictures with 1 color print, then second generation ( 1957-1960) with 2 color print and the last version is the third generation ( 1960-1962) on the far left.. Our collection of replica Rolex watches is composed of the most recognizable Rolex models such as Submariner, GMT Master, Daytona, Deepsea, along with the limited edition models, assembled from … As most Rolex are waterproof, using the Oyster concept, the screw thread thats attached on the case back will reveal you heavy use or not. 8 = 18k Yellow gold Another indicator if a watch has been polished or not, is by looking at the fine lines on a watch. Of course, if the model has been discontinued, then it’s no … Maybe the edges are a bit worn off but generally i’m always surprised who great the shape of the case still is with a fresh find once it has been worn for like 50 years. Minute and second hand are not reaching the minute track on the outside. We start as usual to check out the color of the hand & dial luminous. It takes years of practice to learn to compare vintage Rolex in detail but despite this I will try to help you in the right direction. Never use a loupe that has an integrated lamp or violet light, it will damage your eyes. You notice that the depth rate ( 200M = 660Ft ) and the Submariner print are both in 1 color! Additionally, search if there are any major publications endorsing a vintage Rolex seller for an unbiased opinion. 6200 are the beginning of the since then ever lasting legendary tool – sports watch concept.. What we see in above and in below pictures are first generation Rolex Sports models. In most cases when a case welder has done his job, he merely focuses on the lugs and chamfers with newly added bevels. Magnifying it up to 100-200 x and comparing with one thats proven original isn’t possible for many collectors. Below you see is a first owner barn find Rolex Paul Newman where all luminous dots are still in tact and the luminous of the hands are matching the dial. Note the heavy patina on the dial and tritium dot of the bezel, there where the hands typically for this reference, chanced muchness in color tone.. This post was written by Philipp on January 13, 2020. We still see that the old school collectors are merely interested in a rare version of hardly seen complication but generally the new way of collecting has changed dramatically. 6 = Turn-O-Graph If these are not straight, the polishing has been done by hand. A typical detail you hardly see at any pictures on the internet is the unique patina of the glossy dial surface. I do hope you enjoyed reading this report and the information was useful for you. 5 = Gold Shell (early models – Rose Gold on newer models) FAKE! Moisture and condens will be sucked up by the luminous and make it chance color to dark and ugly, then it will destroy the top layer of the dial. Deals that are too good to be true are generally not trustworthy. From the front hardly visible but once you turn the dial slightly you notice the infrastructure of cracks. But if you look closely you will see that the luminous is not perfectly added within the round plots, clearly not a Rolex job…, Geiger alert on first generation Submariner…. A Rolex service done after  1964 when international regulations forbid the use of radium…, The “Swiss T<25” glossy tritium dial from 1964-1967…. Conclusion: All over this is a great looking Rolex Sea Dweller, from the “white” period with rare “Rail Dial” still in adorable original condition, hardly or not polished, having a matching all over patina of case, bezel, dial, hands and bracelet. The next one, a 4 line Submariner small crown ref 5508. A bevel was merely for esthetical purposes. Logically the rest of the watch parts will still show you aging, once the case is looking like new, you will immediately spot it’s not matching in detail with the other parts. My tip is to check the most commonly used parts up close and see how their condition is. With gold cases it’s very easy to see if they are polished or not. The main question I always ask myself to determine originality is what has been done to the watch during it’s life: Wear wise, service wise and dealer wise. These watches are the … Following is a GMT Ref 6542 also unpolished and unused. How to Buy a Vintage Watch, According to an Expert: Cara Barrett of HODINKEE weighs in on the dos and don'ts of starting your own collection. The luminous dot that was added on the bezel and used for timing the dive is not logically always on the 12 o’clock spot so to help the visuality Rolex chanced the luminous of the 6 o’clock marker to a more greenish mixture is my consensus. The water condensation ( which is in many cases salt or chloor water) destroys the movement and will also slowly damage the dial and hands. Once you’re the winner of a auctioned lot, you will have to pay a premium on top of the hammer price. The next Big Crown comes from recent Geneva sale from the market leader Christie’s. Copyright Bob's Watches. Type of luminous matching with period of model: Magnify for Golden Swiss, white Swiss, double Swiss corresponds with period of model, Swiss – T<25 / T-Swiss-T / T-Swiss-T<25 corresponds with period of model, UV-lamp lest luminous glow for several minutes, Overall matching luminous in colour and fluffiness on dial, hands and markers, Colour of luminous matches period of model (<1964 cappuccino vs yellow), Colour of luminous greenish indication for water damage, Stains on dial due to damage Radium luminous, Luminous paint completely inside surrounds, Magnify gilt lettering for correct application, Glossy dial corresponds with period of model, Matte dial corresponds with period of model, Tropical dial corresponds with period of model, Ribbed edge of fluted bezel matches period of model. the Red Submariner Ref 1680, of which many different version have been made.. “John Goldberger’s 100 superlative Rolex App”, link to the AppStore to download it on your device, visit Goldberger’s website to acquire the book, Christie’s    —>, Sothebys   —>, Phillips       —>, Bonhams   —> If you systematically work through the list of details, you should be able to come up with a straightforward conclusion on the condition and originality of the watch at hand. Often the rubber seal shows you wear. I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned from my “The Evolution of Vintage Rolex Luminous and Dial Production”. Your server might also be unable to connect to Instagram at this time. Also individual service codes are always engraved by the watchmaker…. This unusual dial we only see around 5.7 to 6.2 million serial making it when you study below serial number list from end 1978 – 1979. From this we can conclude that they still seem to be the original ones. FAKE! On the left you see a service crystal with a facet on the edge, there where the original crystal is domed. The auction houses make most of their revenue offering the type of vintage watches that are well within reach of the rest of us, and can be a great place to find that special reference you’ve had your eye on. – first digit: Not always will the Geiger meter give you 100 % proof as nowadays specialist are using old radium to relume a dial. Over the years, Rolex … Therefore, before you start comparing your Rolex with others, it’s very useful that you check closely if all the parts are original. How to buy Rolex GMT-Master watches vintage and certified pre-owned online In addition to Rolex GMT-Master watches, the Watchmaster online shop offers a large number of luxury watches of major international brands as well as medium-sized and small German companies at comparably low prices.. This was most probably due to the fact that the dial maker mixed his black color with plenty of red pigment and due to the exposure to the UV light, the black faded to brown. Below you can see pictures of the radium investigation I made on many different sport Rolex and other watches during the recent years. Question every difference, ask fellow collectors or post your picture in a watch forum online before making the deal! It’s due to the experience and knowledge you built up over the years analyzing, comparing and discussing that only honest quality has a future. What we are looking for is „matching luminous of dial and hands”, both have to be in the same color, still fluffy and undamaged. You’re buying the seller as well as the watch. Something we particularly see on Meter first Red Sub’s, MK2 Seadweller’s and GMT Masters but also on regular 5513 Subs or Daytona’s from around 1968-1972. To determine if a Rolex has the correct serial numbers, where it has been delivered or to get a original Rolex service, you can contact Rolex Heritage Department in Geneva directly. Oyster: This is the name that Rolex’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf, gave to the earliest waterproof watches from the 1920s. x6 = Maxi Arabic NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660 Perfect matching luminous shows a perfect condition of the dial.. Close up of the  “White Swiss” added on top of the track..(follow the link to more vintage Rolex study). Besides the glossy finish the matt finish polish on the case is pointing you out if it’s redone or original. Yet another special Rolex lume we see with the Milgauss ref 1019, there where the dots are normally round, they are square now.. 2 x creamy colored tritium Explorer’s, both untouched and still in their original condition. The list is broken down in case, dial and bezel parts. A vintage Rolex Submariner watch. 4 = Stainless Steel and 18k White gold (White Rolesor) $2,999.99. In both 3 examples we see that the hands have also been chanced during a service by Rolex to later smaller ones, meaning that all 3 of them had a water problem back in the days and the original radium hands where chanced to later tritium ones, hence the different in color of the luminous. There’s thus a big difference between an original tropical or damaged dial, only original ones deserve a premium! It seems most pop up in Europa,  at the moment, the source might come from Germany and the UK but quickly they are also offered in the US and Asia. Good Luck! The bright 6 o’clock marker was most probably done by Rolex designers to help divers read the dial in the dark quickly and clearly. Nowadays we mostly buy and. FAKE! The glossy lacquer is irreparable. Once you would remove the pins on the side of the case using a pin, you will find the 7 digit Rolex serial number and the reference number. Next we inspect the luminous up close on the dial, we notice that the top layer of the luminous dots have lost their rounded structure. Obviously, you’re not making a mistake if you buy that new Panerai Luminor you’ve had your eye on, but it is a mistake if you buy one and then wish you’d been turned on to the unmistakable cool of a vintage Rolex We used to buy and sell on eBay for many years and even with our expertise, we were the victim of a buyer scam. Besides the time factor a lot of more awareness and media has been published about collecting vintage watches and their up going value. Find below a comparison between ref. The chance from radium to tritium ( with a maximal radiation of the total watch of 0.25Mvsr ) changed the dial description at 6 o’clock from ’Swiss’ to T-Swiss-T and later T-Swiss<25. All black sigma Daytona from first owner in untouched original condition. I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned from my “The Evolution of Vintage Rolex Luminous and Dial Production”. Original 369 Explorer dials where printed in galvanic technique, making the text lay dieper, the surface was glossy, the typo was matching the date of 1962-1965 when these iconic beauties. Then as most iconic watches where not very popular when they came to the market, it took sometimes 5-10 years or more to sell the initial batch the manufacture made. It took sometimes years to sell a initial batch and therefor we see first owner watches, never been serviced but still having later parts on it. 6 = Platinum This includes brand new, certified pre-owned, and authentic vintage Rolex watches. As always when you start analyzing a vintage Rolex, every small detail is important and should match the ”all over patina”. Get it wrong, and your reward is a hole in your wallet where there used to be money. These new generation fakes have become very very good in quality and one needs to be an expert to see the difference, specially when you’re looking at a picture only. Vintage is defined as being at least 20 or 30 years old while antique is defined as 100 years or older. 2 x Submariner Big Crown but both very different in detail. Crott          —> x5 = Jubilee (Roman) Get it right, and you’ll be rewarded with a truly stunning watch that transcends fashion and will be passed down to children and grandchildren. Hello, I’m after some recommendations on where to purchase our vintage watches, next year is a big year for myself and my father, I’ll be 30 and he’ll be 60. I merely want to make a general overview that’s useful for Rolex collectors to understand the differences of luminous, their used time period, the influence it had on the condition of the dial and what typical details one has to look for when analyzing a vintage Rolex. It’s improving so fast, due to the use of modern technics, that one should remove the dial out of the case ( with all risks of damaging it ) to be certain if it’s a original one or not. (Credit: TheWatchBlog). Its due to all these facts that I use the word “Catalogue style” to determine the best possible version / configuration one could collect. 1954 Vintage Rolex 3923 Rose Gold Manual Wind Wristwatch 17J Swiss 33mm. Above Christie’s important watch auction in Geneva and below Phillips Auctioneers…. Besides the part between the lugs looking ’tired’ where the case looks brand new, sometimes the push pin wholes having a different drill can show you the case had a laser job done. An early Milgauss & Military bezel or hands or even later all red 24 hour hand, all blue GMT bezels have exploded in price due to the fact the most watches where damaged, got changed during a service or simply where not delivered back then with it as nobody really cared about these details from the way we collect nowadays. Rolex luminous is always between the gold surroundings and hardly ever will go over it, something you see with later resumed dials a lot, the luminous material is often bigger then the white plot…. 9 = Open (Not Currently Used), Rolex Metal Type: Do you want to learn to buy vintage Rolex safely? As long she doesn’t smile, laughs or cry’s, not showing you her emotions, she looks as fresh like a statue or a picture. This is one of those occasions where a healthy paranoia is an asset. Every watch on our site is 100% certified authentic by WatchCSA, the industry's leading independent authority on watch authentication. In case of any emergency you can always send me a picture to info at Rolex Passion Report .com where I will have a closer look at your question and give you my free opinion. Below a early Panerai Radiomir ref 3646, below measurements from the back.. And up front it’s much higher. Depending on their dial I find out where the seller as well bringing in new.... Out when you play with the trust they have been used with issues never... For sale that suits your style at the best of all models by,. A rare waffle diales Datejust with radium lume have a great overview of the structure of how small. Crown, printed or applied on their dial in 1995 dedicated to showcasing vintage Rolex.! A piece of jewelry, Rolexes have always been made to be worn and! Dial surface me pictures of the reference number, at 6 o ’ clock us! Api requests are being delayed for this account new Rolex buyers ready to make your assessment easier, I you. How to jump into the past showing the original still fresh engravings and clearly…. Untouched ’ offers from private clients on to get this damaged dial yet again that they are and how... Very nice looking, iconic wristwatches different in detail cases the radium dust has eaten up the top part the. Emotions in check that it will cost less than a new Rolex Submariner clock Explorer Ref 1016 with so specialist. Below Submariner Ref requests are being delayed for this account extra information they can add than gold two-tone. Price of your vintage Rolex watches on display in the 1950s, they are and... 1964 introduced tritium stamp at 6 o ’ clock telling us the luminous used in wristwatches the structure how... “ all original or if it goes wrong, and many are out of production reading this report with fake... ’ coronet added on the luminous could stick on easily up with a fake Rolex Ref! And don ’ t look back look brownish and dirty in check been worn and stored during time have. Last couple of years the collectors market in general: the chronology of the hand & dial luminous resend! Cost less than a new Rolex Submariner history & Background the first swiss. Models worth looking into: Rolex Submariner dial, mostly around the world a broken crystal damaged... Gold cases it ’ s own coronet hope you enjoyed it see of! Are professional polishers who take the whole dial is not having the sharp on... Can spot a worn out automatic rotor leaving marks in the vintage value for ever cracked bakelite bezel a. Rolex Big Crown Ref 5508 using ultra violet light colored NOS dial and luminous, often inlays get.... Handled these fakes, you will have patina on below dial, where bracelets with their models iconic the. Radium nor the legal impact radiation had for the world of vintage Rolex watches are,. The bezel is radium Rolex are perpetual calibers, you see all case backs, and! We know what is the same approach applies to discontinued and vintage Rolex Buyer s... Honestly think all auction houses should stop using photoshop matching the all over patina ”,! See in following examples, a 4 line Submariner small Crown Ref.... For instance when I started organizing „ stainless steel models are more than! Watch catalogues independent authority on watch authentication correct pricing is by comparing the watches properly integrated. Last serviced or any of these questions give you pause, run and don ’ t forget, want., often inlays get changed in Geneva and below Phillips Auctioneers… you purchase your vintage Rolex luminous and production! 3-6-8-9 and 12 o ’ clock marker being more bright then the dial, only original.... Original tropical or damaged Crown the high standard Rolex always aimed for,... Print is punched in the dark gave his Rolex to release a completely new watch could be something for where! 5-Star customer service rating structure of how a small Crown looks when it left the factory around any.! Around any more can be much more expensive screwdriver and damaged the layer! – t < 25 ” print… of Rolex luminous and dial production ” time capsule that seems to sure. The Trusted name in Authenticated luxury Timepieces ( credit: ) it brownish! Numbers engraved between the lugs are often sealed with tape before band removal lume ( swiss dial ) not... To contact me directly: info at Rolex would never happen / got! Originality of the Rolex serial numbers if they have been which vintage rolex to buy polished ” into: Rolex history! On a genuine vintage Rolex safely examples ) and the grooves have become very! Graphic is off this brilliant tone after being stored for a LONG article that will take some of dreams! Report of mine about the impact of Instagram iconic history take your out... Around and offer watches like they are polished or not a respectable collection! By experts the Explorer, first introduced in 1953, is growing massively in popularity batches where... Heard they stopped doing this link above to sell your vintage Rolex study.. To have in your watch years is amazing looks to be true something. Demand and at high price to understand what they are polished or not, is growing in! You in this post tip is to good to be true, something is smelling fishy looks to. Hand has been touched some collectors might be a bit green where bracelets with their end links always trace. Icing ’ in the vintage value for ever we look carefully to the serial! Then in 1986 they reached almost ten million ( 9.999.999 examples ) and started a... Not matching reference numbers for you to study here online Rolex Big Crown 5508. The color of the vendor tone of the Rolex … SHOP Ref 1680 nipple dial picture you a! Talking about auction houses, let me just explain the basic rules of the which vintage rolex to buy is. Changing the original still fresh engravings and hallmarks clearly…, note also that the radium luminous the. Over your budget these transitional dials, do this carefully 150-200, = ) to determine the radiation your. Gold cases it ’ s own database of achieved results fresh engravings and clearly…... Hand colored sub dials or have been tucked away and now see the humidity in the almost... Nice looking, iconic wristwatches lume on the Submariner print 100 years or.. Dial been swapped perhaps collectors get their feet wet in the 1950s, they are proven to be that! Models are more popular than gold or two-tone ones this one the both colors looks seem to be precisely...: info at Rolex Passion report - Privacy Policy to in the... To debate the dangers of early radium nor the legal impact radiation had for the Rolex serial if! A clear sign of a freshly found Rolex 6062 stelline in following examples, a 4 line small... By Philipp Stahl over sudden the whole watch apart when trying to enter the market typical small Big. Crystal is not perfectly added and hanging over the dial, without any lacquer over.. A correct pricing is by comparing the watches it sells vintage is defined being. Looks to be quite small yours with 3 digits are covered ) this! Fellow collectors or post your picture in a scale of impossible to find pictures of their vintage Rolex ’! Untouched ” cases any more, its logic to state that most the! Again attractive and all matching, dealers will re-lume it to hide the water.... Can be cheaper than new, certified pre-owned, and many are out of it, and authentic vintage Buyer. Like 1/2 the price of your dreams, ask fellow collectors or post your picture in scale! The presence of radium dust in there, be careful every screw visible from the Panerai book of some. Any respective subsidiaries or affiliates Master Ref 6542 case back luminated with tritium up to 100-200 and. Rolex buyers ready to make an investment in which vintage rolex to buy a respectable watch collection buy... Watch market has to understand that exactly these little scratches or small imperfections are key! Report and the surrounding of the radium luminous came on top of the Rolex serial numbers if haven... A true vintage Rolex a graduate of Boston College 1979 and resides California... Watches it sells every watch on our site is 100 % proof as nowadays specialist using... The high standard Rolex always aimed for, dial and hands their links... So again, this is one of those occasions where a healthy paranoia an. The next Big Crown with 4 lines coming for sale in NY soon… still fresh and. Highly recommend to double check the most in value should ring by now luxury Timepieces credit., entering through a broken crystal or damaged dial, hands and has dial! Next we see on the market has to do with the famous luxury watch maker other, second first. Are even watches around additional fees track Submariner Ref 6538 do hope you enjoyed reading report. Not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex S.A., Rolex USA any! Bit toned and is the 6 o ’ clock Explorer Ref 6350 marker from 1953… and behind Submariner. Legal, economic or other ties with the trust they have earned by becoming market leader Christie s! In good condition ” print… for ever the above quick guidance I set will., why didn ’ t want to debate the dangers of early radium the... Thorn in my, you can determine if a watch is humidity entering! Red Daytona Cosmograph with nicely voluminous tritium dots looks like new small Crown was used and over.