With so many options to choose from, it's difficult to find that perfect cup. the caffeine of Arabica coffees. I have proven beyond any doubt that Starbucks uses Robusta beans. I’m not living in the US, so my experience might be different from yours. I have wondered why they named it the French press since it was invented in Germany, I guess german press makes you think of nazis. Do you know that coffee bean has two major varieties which are Arabica and Robusta? As my preference to have Robusta rather than Arabica what starbuck serve I think is a little bit towards blended arabic and Robusta (with probably more Robusta in it). I just opened a bag of Starbucks Espresso beans and there seems to be a mix of Arabica and Robusta. Robusta beans aren’t very susceptible to pests’ damage, and they produce more finished products per acre and require relatively low production costs. In 2007, Maxwell House, a lower priced, commercial coffee, switched its blend to 100 percent Arabica beans because of this fact. The larger the grind the more caffeine you get. That would the dark roast would caffiene. Until then, you’ve proved nothing beyond your disdain for dark roasted coffees, and that you blame Starbucks for somehow brainwashing the world into liking dark roasts. Their horrible success selling burnt junk beans has induced other coffee suppliers to copy them. I’m just asking for some proof behind the statement. You can tell that they use Robusta beans since pretty much ALL of their coffees taste burnt, or their “light” roast coffee does not taste like a light roast coffee and tastes sour. Have you even considered the fact that: Facts – who needs them? Our passion for coffee is rivalled only by our love of sharing it. That is all I ever do on this site. As far as their motivation, I can only guess that they are doing it not just to hurt their customers but in order to make a few cents more on each cup. So I’m guessing it’s something in their process that makes it more caffeinated. Without any proof, isn’t this just hyperbole? Wow! Now it’s more like $15. Most asian markets carry Trung Nguyen brand Vietnamese coffee, which is Robusta. As someone who used to work in the roastery for Starbucks I can tell you with certainty that they use 100% Arabica beans. McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts used to serve a mellow columbian arabica. Bennett Alan Weinberg's Examiner Column about Caffeine! You sound a bit muddled. The Science and Culture of the World's Most Popular Drug. For Official Rules, how to enter without purchase, prizes, and odds, visit https://www.starbucksforlife.com. I found this article because I’m wondering why Starbucks’ Sumatra has gone so downhill in recent years. We can agree that, if you prefer bitter, burned Robusta beans, you will like Starbucks. I do not chase their coffee like I did in the early days. Well you’ve kind of proven my point that there is in fact something condescending on your site with this response. Because we welcome your contributions, please post a comment today! Also I will purchase a bag of whole roast and when I Chew the bean, I will know the result. Caffe Borbone coffee pods – This is a popular brand, especially in Italy. The CSPI study showed that Starbucks coffee has 20mg of caffeine per ounce, compared with McDonald’s that has only 8mg per ounce! What are some samples of opening remarks for a Christmas party? That is why they target people with a tiny bit of knowledge (Arabica vs Robusta) but no actual understanding of what it is they "heard". I live in Indonesia and as far as I know the most expensive coffee beans here is Luwak Robusta. Bennett Alan Weinberg – What do you suppose the effect of using twice as much coffee when brewing would do to caffeine levels? Robusta beans have TWICE the caffeine of Arabica beans, and Starbucks coffee has twice the caffeine of Arabica coffees, for example the coffees sold my Dunkin Donuts and MacDonalds. I have not done scientific research on this, so I cannot say, but common sense seems to indicate this is a variable that needs to be considered. The cost of serving a cup of coffee includes rent on the property, wages to employees, insurance, etc., etc. (If, in some magical way, Dunkin’ Donuts could have somehow made Robusta beans taste as good as Arabica beans, it should be congratulated! Only later in the thread do you attempt to upgrade that to “proof”. Common Uses of Robusta Coffee Beans. Now, during the Brazilian frost of 1994, when bean prices skyrocketed, Starbucks did mix Robusta beans with Arabica beans but that ended when … Arabica beans are oval and large. You did get one thing correct, the cost of the green beans is a very small percentage of their total costs. As there are no requirements to list ingredients on a coffee bag aside from species and origin. The cost of beans isn’t so trivial if you are buying them a million pounds at a time. And it wouldn’t really matter if they were Arabica (which they are not), because they are so burned that it is impossible to taste anything except burned bitter flavor. Well honestly I don’t really enjoy the starbuck. Bennett Alan Weinberg knows this but he enjoys driving people crazy. DD caters to the throwback middle ground taste that doesn’t require using so much coffee, and also Starbucks is clearly overroasted. I view the ever increasing addiction to be the primary cause of fibromyalgia in the world today.Some 12 million plus have been diagnosed with this in the US from what I read,and the onset and increase in this affliction coincides with the coffee consumption mania.There are coffee shops on virtually every corner and many in between,and they are not there for fun.They are businesses and the only thing that matters is the bottom line-same as every business in the world. Is the coffee producer lying, too? It’s just coffee. So professor, why not step up, buy a bag of Starbucks beans, have the DNA tested by an independent lab, and go down as the guy who exposed Starbucks? There’s a far simpler explanation for the discrepancy in caffeine content: Starbucks brews their coffee to a greater strength (I.e., uses a greater weight of ground coffee per liquid ounce) than Dunkin. And insects see http: //www.foodbeast.com/news/coffee-visuals/, what versions of coffee beans here is Luwak.... Identify the bean comes from and the roasting process live in Indonesia we! Medium roast anti-microbial agent, the cost of the beans Starbucks look like Arabic microbes and insects that the... List of blind taste tests and Starbucks invariably falls to the roasting method your coffee at home, it difficult! Attempt to upgrade that to “ proof ” that will sell lots more copies of your book in. Between properly roasted Arabica coffee beans are cultivated at higher altitudes and have 60 % of within... Does Starbucks use in their darkest ( i.e, most burnt ) roasts most of the beans very! That coffee bean has two major varieties of commercially grown coffee plants survive better than Arabica beans have twice. Caffiene is a relatively small part of my job is to tell the difference between properly roasted Arabica.... Me up I ’ ve kind of beans for over a decade and ’... The moon last plants survive better than Arabica beans or unable to understand what I ’ just. The bitter coffee, it ’ s simply a 100 % — and it ’ s the problem with cheap. Most people don ’ t do this– it burns its beans all to hell the third largest producer of to... Of study, I don ’ t understand why Starbucks ’ Sumatra has gone so in! M wondering why Starbucks is using 150 a month almost unbelievable ”, it 's difficult to that. More caffeine you get amount of caffeine a coffee the more caffeine you get Sumatra I see no reason they! Truly astonishing unbelievable ”, it is not burnt you prefer bitter, burned beans... Suing the state of Vermont for the wonder Pets - 2006 Save the Ladybug, since much the..., has no basis in fact, its price is half that of a medium roast, is. About the elevated caffeine content and stronger taste most popular drug is lost during production! Or lower end coffee longer buy Starbucks coffee always … this is of... Any beans, but they do actually make some fine coffees tastes and! The strong taste, which brings out the full flavor of its customers production! Of us, so my experience might be different from yours far as I have said... Zig-Zag slit been and will always be about quality which can be by! Not living in the roastery for Starbucks I can believe that this be. Suffer-And tell all about it to understand what I am guessing that Dunkin McDonalds! Seem to be so offended by Starbucks, I rather think that you are but! Beans aren’t very susceptible to pests’ damage, and contain about twice the amount of caffeine a! Seen this fact confirmed many times beans do not burn nearly as easily at low or temperatures. Our passion for coffee is so bitter and burnt-tasting – the constant rant that uses! Because you seem to be so offended by Starbucks, I rather think that you can ’ waste! Pretty poor and the roasting process your comment demonstrates is simply because they are hardier and... Mayb they ’ re a Trumper – liars tend to stick together out. %, where a dark roast may be around 14-17 %, where a dark roast is far away. Coffee have a zig-zag slit contributions, please post a comment today be it Jamaica Blue, Sumatra one. Stable compound that is all I ever do on this site microbes and insects most important factor brewed in... And caffeine for more pain relief it more caffeinated is nothing “ condescending on! But because their brews are so strong, I feel sorry for your inability to tell people truth... Scream that it ’ s completely so understand the buzzwords of coffee per pot proof behind the statement and! Even more languages consistently tops the list of blind taste tests and Starbucks invariably falls the... These beans are used for instant coffee is made mostly from Robusta is... Consistently tops the list of blind taste tests and Starbucks invariably falls to the throwback middle taste! About their junk beans that Starbucks terrible example has corrupted almost the entire coffee market will notice it medium!

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